Our Pillars

Our values can be broadly applied to practically any topic within the enormous field of politics. To guide our more specific advocacy work, we have defined five “pillars” that pertain to focus areas that we believe are crucial to effective evidence-based policy in the United States.

An educated electorate is a powerful electorate. Unfortunately, many American school systems have fallen on hard times, and misleading information on the Internet warps the public’s understanding of essential concepts of American politics. Additionally, the skyrocketing cost of higher education is prohibitive for low-income Americans who would benefit the most from it. The result is that millions of Americans are not properly trained in how our political system works, as well as how to think critically about the quality of information presented to them.

We at PORP do our part to combat these problems by:

– writing original articles to provide accurate analysis of history, policy, and economics,
– publicizing and supporting the work of education-focused news outlets, nonprofits, podcasts, and advocacy groups, 
– directly informing our followers and supporters through social media and podcasting, and
– engaging in policy advocacy to protect affordable, robust, data-driven, accurate education for all Americans.

Moving forward, we will train Americans in how to critically analyze questionable information, as well as how to recognize and reject logical fallacies and “fake news.”

Science is governed by a strict code of ethics. Members of the scientific community are expected to 

– be honest and accurate in their work, 
– fully acknowledge any conflicts of interest, 
– reject any discrimination and racism, 
– behave with discretion and integrity, and 
– regularly modify their views as new evidence emerges.

We at PORP strongly believe that our political leaders should be held to the same standard. That is why we highlight behavior by political leaders that aligns with these ethics and decry behavior that violates them.

Moving forward, we will serve as a bridge between the scientific community and the American public, to help spread these values into our local, state, and federal politics.

Every person has the right to be healthy. As an organization with a number of healthcare professionals and health scientists in our ranks, we believe that this right is a critical component of our evidence-based policy advocacy.

We at PORP support measures to ensure that good-quality medical care is accessible to all Americans, as well as the work of groups that fight for policy that improves public health infrastructure and protects Americans from threats to their health. We also actively combat the spread of pseudoscience like anti-vaccination and homeopathy.

Moving forward, we will serve as a resource for health professionals to engage in advocacy that supports the well-being of their patients and the public interest.

Without a healthy environment, our civilization cannot survive. Anthropogenic climate change, rampant pollution, and overconsumption of natural resources threaten the long-term prosperity of the human race. Urgent reforms are needed at the local, state, federal, and international levels to protect our environment – but these reforms can stimulate new opportunities for economic growth.

We at PORP support these ideas by:

– providing platforms for environmental advocacy groups to publicize their work,
– proposing evidence-based policies that would protect both the environment and the economy, and
– engaging with advocates and political leaders who support prosperous environmental reforms.

Moving forward, we will frame science-based measures to protect our environment in terms of their long-term economic benefits, to break down the perceived barrier that environmental reform must inevitably hurt the economy.

No American should be shut out from our government. Millions of Americans are disenfranchised by politically motivated injustice, and millions more are discouraged by a system that they believe does not work for them. The result is that an enormous percentage of our electorate either cannot or does not engage in our political system.

We at PORP stand for comprehensive reforms that would allow every American to enthusiastically participate in our government. These include:

– supporting changes to outdated voting practices that run counter to the public interest, 
– fighting fiercely against discriminatory practices that stifle the prosperity of many Americans, 
– ensuring that American workers can prosper in a rapidly modernizing economy, and
– leading the charge for legal and economic reforms that give the power to the public, not the rich and connected.

Moving forward, we will provide a platform for advocacy groups, economists, data scientists, and political leaders to collaborate to forge evidence-based policies that empower the American electorate.

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