Public Access America Merges with PORP

Public Access America Merges with PORP

PORP has forged an exciting new partnership that will help fulfill our mission to fight for reasonable, data-driven, science-based political discourse in the United States.

Effective Thursday 6 December 2018, Public Access America, an educational podcast based in Chicago, has been incorporated into PORP as a wholly owned, operationally autonomous subsidiary organization. This merger comes as an opportunity for both organizations to benefit from one another’s resources and experience, in fulfillment of our common goal to provide engaging lifelong education to as wide an audience as possible.

A link to the podcast’s SoundCloud page is now available on the PORP website.

Dan Evans, PORP’s Chairman of the Board, on the merger:

We are tremendously excited to forge this new partnership with Public Access America. Their commitment to providing a platform for engaging, educational discussions on complex topics is exactly the  work that we at PORP want to support. If every American listened to their podcast, they would have a much greater appreciation for the nuances of evidence-based policymaking.

Jason Roeseke, one of the directors of Public Access America:

Public Access America is proud to join the People of Reason and Progress in our ongoing effort to find, spread, and better understand topics and issues that affect every American. We are committed to breaking stereotypes and stigmas that have divided our nation for far too long.

The unabridged merger document can be accessed at the following link:

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  • Daryl Muenchau 11 Dec 3:49 pm

    This is a good thing. A search for the like-minded.

    Coalition-building is about the best way to build a social structure in favor of more rational politics. Maybe it is the only way. Another target, the democratic party. Who knows, maybe those folks will wake up and realize their ideology has led them astray. Of course, the democrats are a big, diverse chunk to take on. But on the other hand, some democrats just might be open-minded enough to at least listen to a pitch for evidence- and reason-based politics. At present, there seems to be very little possibility of that with nearly all republicans.

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