Our Volunteers

PORP volunteers are critical to the success of our mission. As the leadership team is small and spread throughout the country, the coordinated work of motivated volunteers is what drives the day-to-day functions of the organization. From writing articles for our website, to graphic design, moderating social media, and maintaining our digital infrastructure, volunteers amplify the outreach and impact of all our activity.

To maintain efficiency and productivity, we recruit and screen volunteers to fill specific roles in different teams directed by PORP leadership members. Leadership’s responsibility is to ensure that volunteering for PORP is collaborative, fun, and rewarding, and volunteers’ responsibilities are to be proactive, communicative, and professional in fulfillment of leadership’s visions.

We, the PORP leadership team, pledge to be respectful, courteous, and understanding to all of our volunteers, as well as to handle any concerns promptly and thoroughly.

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The Social Media Team

With tens of thousands of followers on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as a secondary Twitter account dedicated to science news, the overwhelming majority of PORP’s public face is through social media. As such, we maintain a team of moderators and editors for each platform who are responsible for finding and scheduling interesting content to post. The purpose of all posted content is to fulfill the threefold mission of PORP – education, collaboration, and coordination in the name of reasonable, evidence-based policymaking.

We expect each volunteer to find and post several pieces per week, which often manifests itself as taking a few minutes each day to engage with PORP-related content. Volunteers in this group also regularly interact with one another to consider ideas for content, keep team members up to date with breaking news, and discuss the quality of different articles. They also interface closely with members of the other groups whose content is distributed via social media.

The Writing Team

As part of our initiative to educate the electorate and the elected, PORP maintains a team of writers who publish detailed articles that are grounded firmly in reliable evidence and science. This team also contains dedicated volunteer editors who review and revise drafts of articles to ensure that the quality of each article is on par with the most respected news sources in the country. This is an ideal group for people who are looking to voice their support or opposition to important political issues, as well as for those who wish to expand their professional writing portfolios

Members of this team are expected to be proactive, have strong technical writing skills, and be willing to invest the appropriate time to write high-quality articles. The general expectation is that each volunteer writer will publish one article per month. While writers are encouraged to publish content on topics that they care about, leadership members will on occasion request articles addressing matters of our interest.

The Content Production Team

One of the most effective ways to reach voters and elected officials alike is through high-quality graphics and videos. The Visual Content team collaborates to design, draft, and revise these media pieces, each of which fulfills a specific purpose that is aligned with a PORP initiative.

Ideas for graphics are generally requested by PORP leadership, but members of this team are encouraged to add their individual stylistic flairs to each piece. Members must be well-versed in video editing, graphic design, photography, website design, or other elements of media production.

The Scouting Team

The auxiliaries of the volunteer team, our scouts help expand PORP’s awareness of, and outreach to, local pro-science and pro-reason political movements. Their job is to find and reach out to the leaders of these movements on behalf of PORP, so as to establish a relationship that can be strengthened through the targeted work of the other teams.

For this team, we are especially looking for former or current candidates for office who wish to continue fighting for reasonable politics, as well as people with experience working for political campaigns or other advocacy organizations.