What We Do


We believe that lifelong education is essential for ethical, evidence-based discourse – both political and nonpolitical. Much of our written content, social media work, and outreach is dedicated to promoting ideas and values that support lifelong education and awareness, for both the electorate and the elected.

Our current educational work includes the PORP Science initiative, podcasting, and video interviews.


No group can fulfill their mission alone. We work closely with other advocacy organizations whose goals overlap with ours. We have assisted scientists, science advocates, educators, politicians, and social welfare advocates through our social media, podcasting, writing, and fundraising.

We also support and facilitate the unity of political leaders, community organizers, educators, and advocacy organizations through a shared respect for reason and evidence.


As a nationwide advocacy organization with volunteers and leadership members across the country, we can connect with local advocacy groups whose movements are strongly based in science, nonpartisan evidence, and robust data. Our goal is to show that evidence-based political discourse is not only helpful in Washington, but also in Americans’ local communities.

Contact us if you’re interested in working with PORP!