The CORE Alliance

Millions of Americans are dissatisfied with the increase in hyper-partisan rhetoric that so often sacrifices facts and evidence for loyalty to one “side”. We believe that this dissatisfaction contributes to voter non-participation, leaving elections in the hands of voters driven by hatred of the “other side”.

In response to this, we propose the creation of the Coalition of Reason and Evidence (CORE), an alliance of political groups, nonpartisan nonprofits, members of the media, and experts of different fields who all subscribe to the use of data and evidence as cornerstones of their work. This initiative is meant to bring together people and groups whose work inspires dissatisfied voters with data-driven goals and messages.

Our purpose is not to lead CORE, per se, but rather to facilitate the organic collaboration between groups who subscribe to its common values.

You can read more about the CORE initiative here. 

Contact us if you or your group would like to join or support CORE.